Rogue and impostor Semen Semenchenko

Appeal of Bila Tserkva's City Council to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to withdraw Semenchenko from post of deputy chairman of Committee on national security and defence.

Rogue and impostor Konstantin Grishin aka Semen Semenchenko, which at least twice changed his name in passport during the life, without higher education, without of the officer's past or military service behind him, with the cancellation of conviction, and may be not once.

Sounds terrible accusations - murdered colonel and lieutenant colonel by shots into the back, and cleared the way to become the commander himself. The order to go into Ilovaysk was not exist, it was a scam of Kostya Grishin. He also alerted his leadership in Kremlin about upcoming withdrawal of troops from the boiler.

Soon perhaps entourage of Yanukovych in Moscovia will filled up by another fugitive