Psychological War

Psychological War

Now there are a lot of talks about information security. But they do not talk much about the psychological safety of society, which is more important than informational one. Because human is above all a psychic unit, and then - informational. Moscovites and other invaders since ancient times knew that for successful capture it's extremely important to "break the morale" of the enemy. So this is not as much informational, as Psychological War.

Translation of the article by Dmitro Bachevskiy, writer, political consultant, communication coach entitled Ukrainians are under intentionally breaking down by stress.

I wanted myself to write something like that, but hadn't reached yet my hands. Therefore I reprint this article as I agree with every word, and time goes away, and proposed had to be done the day before yesterday.


Stupefied by constant stress and broken down people are ready to do anything to find rest. And they gradually and purposefully lead ukrainian society to make it agree to any turn of events in the war with Russia.

Immersion of ukrainians into state of total stress is implementing by several instruments

1. Permanent exacerbations at the front, alternating with periods of quiet. By twitching a man, by constantly creating problems and removing them, you can bring anyone to a nervous breakdown. And yet - to kill in him the ability to mobilize and will to resist.

2. Creation of an internal voltage by callings to Maidan, organization of mass protests, blockades, that threats to energy system, by other measures that create a feeling of complete destabilization of situation in the country and of collapse of state institutions.

3. Propaganda by "opposition" media, which demonstrate our life as a hopeless world of corruption, increase of prices, destruction of the economy and all sorts of "treasons" as on the part of our allies, and within the country. When a person feels that the country has no any perspective - the motivation to act and to fight dies.

4. The editorial policy of all the ukrainian mass media, which gives a great place on air and on pages of periodicals to crime reports. Ukrainians are currently living in a world of blood and violence, senseless murders, accidents and disasters. Moreover, most of these news are not socially significant and are individual cases, but together create a full picture of hopelessness, insecurity and cause a feeling of impending disaster.

What does it lead?

If you follow the well-known concept of Hans Selye (Hans Hugo Bruno Selye), there are three main stages of stress: alarm, resistance and exhaustion.

First, there is a full mobilization of forces of the body, the person is in a state of tension and apprehension, he is drawn into the fight and trying to adapt to the new stressful conditions. So we had in 2014.

Then comes the stage of resistance: signs of anxiety almost completely disappear, resistance level is much higher than usual. This is what we experienced in 2015.

The last stage - exhaustion, when the energy has been exhausted, and the physiological and psychic protection - has broken. This period we started in 2016 and continues today.

Everyone differently going through the last stage of stress. According to the concept of known psychologist Ondrej Mikshika (Ondrej Mikšík), there are three types of reactions of people, when they reach to limit of "strength" in critical situations.

The first type of people breaks down on physiological level - falls into a stupor of exhaustion, stops responding to surrounding events and external irritators. According to Pavlov, such a reaction of the central nervous system called the "transcendent braking" and carries the protective function of the organism. Today it is typical for that part of society, that is abstracted from the problem of war and turned in on itself.

The second type of people breaks down psychically, losing the willpower, the ability to think and to make decisions, to adequately assess a situation. This reaction occurs in a large part of our civil society activists, who are in a state of confusion and disappointment. Some of them lowered their hands, some - completely lost the ability to think critically, and react to a situation at the level of reflexes and concepts of "treason" or "victory". From the first in the fight is no longer any use, other - are easily influenced, manipulated, and they are easy to manage with the help of various "stuffings".

The third type of people breaks down on social-psychological level. When they reach the limit of "strength", such people maintain their physical and psychical mobilization, but change their life principles and attitudes. So, people, who initially joined the struggle for moral and ideological reasons, are beginning to act solely in their own interests and, disappointed in initial purposes, are seeking to get the most personal benefit from what is happening. Examples of this type we can see among the many of volunteers and military personnel, who are engaged in smuggling, trafficking with enemy, etc.

Ukrainian society will be finally broken down, if the number of those who are still internally resisting will be less than the required critical minimum. This minimum is rapidly approaching and if we now don't take urgent measures, in a year we'll finally broken down.

What should government do?

1. Minimize the impact of the news from the front to self-awareness of society. Constant funerals of our soldiers, the news about death of civilians and shellings of our territories only worsen the situation. Where it is impossible to keep silent - is necessary to balance information as much as possible by positive news about our successes, victories and losses of enemy. News from the front must always emit only optimism.

2. The State shall establish communication with the community and become a driver of any initiative, seize the initiative from any groups that consciously or unconsciously create destabilization in the country.

3. We must apply not quite democratic measures against the media, which work on disruption of the psychological state of society, sowing panic and defeatist moods, frustration and disbelief. What are these measures could be - should decide the competent authorities and profile departments. But if we don't immediately enter the "martial law" in our free and democratic information space, then we destroy us by own hands.

4. Ukrainian media, wishing the good to the country and to the Ukrainian people, should show conscientiousness and minimize the flow of completely unnecessary and superfluous "criminal" news. We all know that bad news always of great interest to the public than positive: such is human nature - to react to the negative and to assess risks for themselves in the environment. But if we follow in line with tastes of public today, then tomorrow will be bad for everyone - and for public, and for media themselves, which were trying to please anybody else, but not the national interest.

Psychological War - the most terrible and the most effective. It allows you to break down and subdue any society that is not able to build a defense against such influence. And if our government will not undertake finally information-psychologically component, then neither any new weapons will not help us,  nor western credits, nor spells of authorities that everything is going according to a plan.