Pre-Columbian America did not know the wheels...

ацтекське коло сонця

At the time of Columbus's visit to America, the Indians did not know about the wheel.

I can not take the fact. WHEEL. By that time, for centuries, empires had succeeded each other, the Toltecs, the Olmecs, the Aztecs, the Maya, the Incas. Cities from stone, fortresses, states, pyramids, religions, luxuries, writing, canals and artificial islands, aqueducts, medicine and penicillin, astronomy and calendar, mathematics and statistics, poetry about the meaning of life and illusory being, schools, taxes, roads, logistics, 50 million people ... and all this by drag and pack animals.

Aztec stadium
Stadium for playing Aztec ball. Found about 1300! such stadiums throughout Central America. A typical form with the walls to reflect the ball.

In every city of the Aztec empire there was a stadium, and even a couple, and they had its own ball game, bets and bookies. They had a rubber ball (!), and there was no wheel ...

The wheel according to archaeologists is known in the Old World from 5-3 millennium BC. Migration to America along the land corridor was possible up to the 10th millennium BC. So the door was closed before the wheel appeared here. But nevertheless - the wheel on the Eurasian continent is known 5-7 thousand years. And no one in America did not think of it for this thousands of years. They had, for example, pottery (to say nothing of the pyramid), and technology of clay rope to manufacture tableware. But to make the table spinning, and not to walk around it, they could not. They did not have a potter's wheel, because it's also a wheel.

With the same starting conditions for the two civilizations, one has lagged behind the other for many centuries and, probably, the wheel has become the strategic reason for the rupture. And as a result, one of them was easily enslaved and destroyed by another when they met.


AND WHAT WE ARE MISSING NOW, about what we will be surprised to learn like the Indians looking at the wheel, when the ships of invaders from the neighboring solar system will appear in orbit?