The Lie and historical crimes

Truth must become a historical inevitability of progress

If we trace the historical development of human communities, we usually clearly distinguish four major stages: the primitive communal order, agricultural communities, era of industrialization and finally information society.

The primitive communal order. Productive strength - own muscles, the means of production and the main wealth - some weapons and clothing, free territory. Crime – losses to the tribe.

The tribes of relatives roam the planet and survive as they can. There are no written laws, of course, as well as the regular intertribal. Each clan lives in accordance with the instincts and abilities of common sense. This is stupid to kill own relatives, because the more of us, the stronger we are. There is nothing to steal - everything is common, and some personal stuff quickly discover who has stolen, because all live together, so it makes no sense. To rob another tribe - it's good, but it's hard. The killing of an alien is permitted ad lib. Just look if he don’t kill you instead, and profit of his assassination did not cost you too much. While there are enough food and places on the planet, to kill other people does not make sense. When it gets a bit crowded and the hunger is coming, to kill another becomes a kind of valor in the eyes of tribe, at least - nothing wrong with that, the usual thing. The murder of a relative certainly is a great sin and is punished, more often by exile, if of course they find out, who is the killer.

Agricultural community. Productive strength - a man, a means of production and the main wealth - fertile land. The crime - murder.

They must to work hard by hoe, to build houses and to acquire things. Every employable man becomes an instrument, which is able to bring profit to his lord-feudal. Therefore, the laws prohibiting murder begin to appear gradually. Of course the assassination of feudal is the crime much more serious, than killing a peasant, but to kill farmers becoming a sin too, and involves a punishment. However, no one is much concerned with the life of children - they are unable to work, to raise them costs of resources. The usual thing is to get rid of unnecessary child, to give for training to craftsmen and monasteries, to sell cripples to the prince's court, or simply to leave somewhere. Of course the child must work as hard as he able to. Theft is also becoming a crime gradually, but it is insufficiently regulated by the legislation at this stage. This is a great crime to steal from the lord, but within the community you should to solve this as you can. The communities investigated this and coped with this as good as they could, with the help of oral rules of cohabitation and elders as judges.

Industrial age. Productive strength - machinery and trained persons, means of production and the main wealth - technologies, machines, factories, raw materials. The crime of era - theft.

It is quite clear for now that every person is a potential income, even if it is not free (agricultural) land on its share. Murder and theft (thieves) are a threat to society, since they reducing the amount of profit-creators and deprive them of their motivation to work (to accumulate things). Murder is considered a terrible crime, the criminal law and the police are developing. Theft is also becoming a quite heavy crime, the legislation and the additional police staff is being developed to cope with. At the end of the industrialization era, and by the fall of fertility, it becomes profitable to take care of all the children born as a future source of income. Orphanages begin to appear. Children gradually cease to be a productive strength, because they do not have an appropriate skill, and must learn first. At the end of the era, even the Declaration of the rights of children (1959) was proclaimed.

Information society. Productive strength - an educated man, a means of production, and the main wealth - information. The Crime of era - a Lie.

The killing is already a terrible anti-human crime, thieves are the gutter, but they claim the understanding and re-upbringing. Children - flowers of life and all the best for them. These effects resulted in food sufficiency, falling birth rates, the inability of children to work, and the need for a long time training to be able to work.

To the forefront of unresolved problems of the time comes Lie as a major crime against the Information. If the Information – is the main mean of production and the main wealth, then distortion of it, Lies, it is logical to become a major crime of the time. An educated person as the main production unit, if the sum of his knowledge contains a significant proportion of false, unreliable information, turns out defective mean of production, and can thus produce essentially the production reject. Like damaged machine produces defective parts, like a rotten seed will not grow crops, so distorted information does not give useful information products.

So we can see how public morality, wrapped in Legislation, changes under the influence of the practical realities of life. The event, which objectively is not beneficial to the community, becomes a crime, even if before it was common, normal or even good. Another century ago nobody would have come to mind to feel sorry for the enemy soldiers, because they, you see, are people too. Our grandmothers regularly drowned kittens, and now we are trying to sterilize them sooner. It doesn’t mean that our ancestors were more unkind and immoral than we are. It means that a person first of all manages by the need, by the law of the jungle, and he can afford to be good and moral as much as he has a possibility.

Lie has never been socially important and socially penalized former. Of course tyrant could kill his subordinate for anything, but he could not pay attention as well - "all stealing and all lying." Of course, in the Collection of Laws was an article "Do not lie to the court", but almost never no one was punished under it - no time for such trifles, when not enough resources to deal with serious cases. With a commercial lie, fraud, they started to fight not so long ago, and on a residual basis. And because it is a kind of theft, - causing material damage to patrials, but on the other hand it seems like they cause this harm to themselves since they allowed to deceive themselves. So if constabulary have free time – they will investigate the case, no - then the victims “fool themselves”. The fact of property damage is punished, and not actually Lie. Another type of lie, which really was punishable, when wife betrayed her husband. This could result in divorce, beatings, and even death in some countries. First of all, in those countries where polygamy is permitted. But the reasons for such laws purely biological - protection of their biological interests by men, willing to raise their own offspring, not strangers. So and here the fact of Lie has insignificant weight.Правда як історична невідворотність

Completely different weight should gain the fact of Lie in information society. Logically and naturally it will reach the status of a separate and very serious crime. First a punishable crime will become a Lie socially important (political, economic, financial, ideological), which entail or could entail significant consequences.

Its sources - politicians, officials, experts and so-called opinion leaders (OL), will hardly go to prison due to trend of mitigation of physical punishments. No one today killing the murderers and chopping off the hands of thieves. But they will bear financial responsibility, and at least will be denied access to a broad audience. However, if in civilization things go bad enough, the period when such person go to prison for some time will be possible.

Then the turn of regional and local levels Lie will come.  And eventually the masses will accept the Lie as something really bad and will unsubscribe yourself and ostracize liars. Significantly will increase the number of complaints and claims for actually a Lie. How it is indecent now to have friends murderers and thieves, so sometimes it would be considered unworthy to have friends even household liars.

It is worth to pay attention to two points. Firstly, the establishment of new principles of legality and morality will proceed from society top as always. This is due to the fact that those at the top, want them or not, must take care of the public. Their own well-being and power depend on the public, because they live at the public expense. If there is a general surplus - society top have something to fatten, if the total surplus decreasing - expect squabbles at the top for the leftovers, and even grass-roots revolution. If there is an independent country - there is a power at the top, if independence is lost - the power captures the external force, and local elites in the best case turn to officials accountable.

And the lower classes the option "to worry about the public" have disabled by default. Because of their well-being depends primarily on their own particular job. And yes, this work takes a lot of time and effort to remain enough even for attempt to follow and to understand what is happening there in the social and global levels, where everything goes to and where should to go. And if one can find the time, and create an understanding, he anyway hasn’t enough levers of influence, neither an information power. So public foundations change came, and this will happen at least once more, from the top.

Secondly, today none of our bloggers, opinion leaders (OL), especially euro-optimists, not only aren’t predicting such changes in evaluating and punishing Lie, but on the contrary, calling my thoughts attack on freedom of speech, justification of dictatorship, just nonsense, or even fascism, as it is now in the order of things. This, of course, caused by the fear of russia, its totalitarian information control on the one hand, and by Western stereotypes about the Legality on another. We have no right to shut someone's mouth, even if we sure that he is lying, because freedom of speech is a sacred cow now. This is a modern postulate and contemporary taboos. Yes, we disabled the russian channels, and this is good, but because of the war, not due to lies. Yes, we prohibit entry into Ukraine for russian artists, but because they are enemies, not because they lie. Yes, we would like to disable Inter, but because he plays up to the enemy, not because it's lying.

I want to emphasize that modern humans, even the leaders of opinion, do not see the crime in a Lie as such, and certainly do not believe that the Lie should be punished. Compare with: the murder - a priori a crime and must be punished. All the reasons for the murder can only be mitigating circumstances, but not excuse the murder itself. Theft - a priori a crime and should be punished. The reasons for theft may be mitigating circumstances right up to sympathy thief, but not excuse the theft itself. The Lie - is not a crime at all, and so something not very moral, but even then not always. Can be punished only a very important and serious lie, which caused financial losses, and that when such happened? Because "everyone is entitled to have their own opinion" and "everyone has his own truth", and generally "freedom of speech".

Such an attitude to Lie shows that the information era is also had not thought to come.

About the coming of information age the changes of the social order and public morals would indicate.

Such an attitude to Lie proves that the information era is also had not thought to tread, although many optimists already gladly proclaim we are already living in the information society. But no. We are just beginning to rise to his doorstep. The attitude to lie, to the crime of the information age, it clearly shows. When the blacksmiths forged swords and horseshoes, it was not yet the industrial age. When the first looms appeared in England, the industrial era is only just beginning. The appearance of the first computers, nor the first smartphone, neither the first social network does not mean the information age coming. About the coming of information age the changes of the social order and public morals would indicate.

So, let’s fix in history. Despite the fact that the reason of success of the russian aggression they see primarily in lies (propaganda), none of the OL does not call for punishment for lying. The most they can afford, this is to call for the fight against paid trolls. But if the physical person-OL deliberately lying, this is absolutely nothing you can do, because freedom of speech and fascism. It is unknown, however, what is the crime of work for the money - all work for money. In the work for money of itself is nothing wrong. Maybe crime lies in consciously spreading false for material benefit (salary)? But the physical persons-OL lie not free of charge, but for some material benefits. For the sake of political power, or in order to obtain the audience for custom-made articles and for monetization of youtube-views. And their benefits are almost always significantly greater than those salaries that get paid trolls. But you can’t touch them, because of the freedom of speech. Touching is mean only to remove the false and ban accounts, because we can even talk nothing more today. Even for deny the Inters’ license will not be too many voices, and that is because of the war, not due to lies.

However, attack on Lie has already begun, and it starts at the top. Because authorities, as has been said, first of all have to defend themselves, and secondly can. And third, whatever it was, they have fewer prejudices and stereotypes than the masses and those of their representatives, who are trying to "be ahead" due to the proclamation of "I am the same as you and I express your opinion to be liked by you". Here I’ve to make another digression in order to prevent a possibility of false impression as if I consider upper classes smarter than at least middle-classes. No, the point is that elites are closer to the sources of power, and thus they simply know how the Lie ideology arranged and deliberately spreads to lull the masses, and how things really are. That is, they quite simply closer to reality, are deprived of stereotypes, that masses have perceived, and by the way happily and willingly have perceived. Deep enough to call ‘crime types’ those of them, who want to open their eyes, which want at least to deprive the child's belief in Santa Claus.

But authorities are already beginning to attack on false. And although it is only self-defense for now, not a fundamental change, but this is a good new. Frightened by Trump, Brexit and Russia, the German authorities take such measures:

Social network Facebook is preparing measures to combat the spread of false news in Germany before the elections to the Bundestag, which will be held in autumn. This was reported by Associated Press. Thus, the social network announced a partnership with media company Correctiv, which will check the facts in news reports, distributed in Germany via the Facebook. American Corporation intends to continue to connect to this work other media organizations. In addition, it planned to make it easier complaints procedure on the false news for users in Germany. Also Rheinische Post newspaper has reported about the plans of the German authorities to strengthen measures to counter the spread false information in social networks.

The principal in this news is that it is not about a paid trolls, not about a refutation of separate cases of deceit of certain journalists or not about a prosecution in defamation. This is about a lie per se, about the prevention of spreading of false news, about the beginning of creation of relevant bodies and implementation of punishments. The fundamental issue is the speed of decision-making and of removal of lies. Because whilst someone out there would sue, whilst courts will go, all have long forgotten about that case, but negative impact of Lie already managed to cause in full. The objects of punishment should be individuals and accounts for the same reason – while false will be removed, that client have time to distribute a dozen else. Yet year and a half ago Google announced the launch of development of "quick check authenticity of news" platform. But something more about this heard nothing. Of course, the attack on the lie is just beginning, so we will talk about it more. To be continued.