Facebook and the Information Security of Humankind

Facebook and the Information Security of Humankind

Facebook as a Global Information Power. Totalitarian or democratic?

Now somehow it decided to believe, that earlier people were easier to fool. To confuse their heads by some tales, fictions and ideological trompe-d'oeils. Like the God in clouds, or the good King. This thought is based on idea that we are now much smarter than our ancestors, and so of course less gullible. On the one hand this is an expression of our pride, certainly. And now with this possible most of the people would agree, - that no, the majority of us are not so smart, - but that is everyone nodding on others: on "fools", on ideological opponents. About yourself of course no one thinks like this, - that namely he is not too smart, and not cleverer than an ancestors.

On the other hand the ability to fool depends not only on rationality and education of people, but on several factors else:

     1. The possibility of practical application of lies

Our ancestors could hear a lot of fairy tales, and even believe them. They liked to hear an any visiting person, from the bandura-player with stories of how they beat the Turks, up to the city wiseacre, which tells the latest Western ideas in simple language. But how did this affect their practical daily life? In no way. They groaned and went to feed the cattle. Well, they could start to hang a horseshoe over the threshold, or to put brooms in a corner. All this is not much affected on their wealth and economic life.

And once was the case the priests came and began to talk about heaven and hell. What is a sin and what should be punished. However, people already knew, what is useful to do from a practical point of view, and what resulting in a loss. It is useful to sow and unprofitable to give someone their grain free. To inspire them something contrary to the obvious reality was practically impossible. You could inspire them only something not so obvious, and does not apply to daily life. Well, for example, that somewhere once lived a man, who then ascended to heaven. It is rather difficult to believe in such a case, people have never seen something like before, but what the hell is the difference, was it or not, for us here and now in the village? And here it is necessary that people are accustomed to such ideas, continuously and constantly listened to such ideas. Then the idea becomes familiar, and the familiar - it does not seem so impossible. Habitual fact. Usual. And usual - it is something close and possible, like already own, rather than distant, alien and unreal. And to do some unrealistic idea the usual, you just need to talk about it and talk, constantly and often. It follows the second factor of the possibility to fool:

      2. The constant repetition

In marketing, this is called a fashionable word "actualization". We must constantly remind, people to not forget. Because if they forget - consider nothing was. But if you remind them and remind, then subsequently everyone will assume, that the way it really was, even if nothing really was.

And in order to be able to constantly remind, earlier it was necessary to have a

      3. Network of Permanent Representatives-reminders

МережаThat is, the local priests with churches. Or local officials with Executive Offices. Officials however were not involved in any ideas for very long, except the collection of taxes. Here is everything practically clear: you have to give something, not to get killed. They promise to you "protect" and "leadership" for that, but not too zealous, because no one especially will not believe. And because the church ideological speeches are do better. Therefore, the rulers of states subordinated the church, by having destroyed traveling priests-philosophers, and forced her to focus on the thesis "Caesar's - to Caesar". Therefore, the "independent local church communities," as they declare up to present day, have ceased to be neither independent nor a community, a long time ago. The priests are appointed to the parish at the west, and here. 

So it was, until the communist authorities with the great help of an angry people destroyed the network of permanent representatives-reminders, called the church. And then they very quickly faced the necessity to build their own network of permanent representatives-reminders. They became network of red people’s commissars, the party cells, political officers and local party secretaries.

To support and coordinate the network authorities started to issue regular editions of advertising and propagandistic newspapers, and to deliver them everywhere, even to the most remote villages. Then they invent radio and television, and had to stifle “hostile” ideas.

So to confuse the head of our ancestors, it was necessary to ideas not very contradict the everyday reality, and to have a network of permanent representatives-reminders. To deceive many people and have great benefit from this was not very easy. They had to make significant efforts, to involve a lot of people and material resources.

      4. Feedback

There is another problem faced by the rulers of all times in such networks. Technically, it is now called the feedback problem. Local and regional network units could transmit the signal improperly. Deliberately, having a different opinion, building a rebellion, or unwittingly, "improperly understanding the policy of the Party", "falling into heresy". So the rulers had to build a parallel system of supervisory authorities, like service of homeland security, secret police, the KGB. They required a significant expenses, and themselves carried to rulers a threat of overturn.


To distribute a different opinion in such systems was possible at the local levels verbally, talking to people. In writing, through the local newspaper and samizdat. Through a local radio and television. Of course, not a "brazen".  And it took some time from the central government to see the "sedition", during which the idea could managed to spread, at least in a region. Then a newspaper (a book, tv-program) was prohibited, and the author was fined or even imprisoned for some time in jail. This becoming known to people, and it was possible to appeal, to argue, in some times more, in some times less. In tsarist Russia, for example, once the jury acquitted even a terrorist, that made a terrorist attack. It was possible to appeal to local courts, write complaints to prosecutors, to report their complaints through newspapers. Even if other newspapers "also condemn", - the fact at least becomes known to people.


Facebook - a global monopolist

Фейсбук - тоталітарна глобальна владаAnd now we have facebook and it becomes a monopolist of information dissemination. All the experts agree in this, information and futurological. Let's take a look into its interior. The first thing that catches your eye is

  1. The impossibility of any appeal

The system is. Somewhere, nobody knows where, some moderators sitting, nobody knows who and how recruited them, but they considering "secret complaints" on your posts. And decide to ban you or not to ban, and you don’t know still according to what rules. According to some "principles of pleasant communication of facebook." Nobody knows exactly what they really are. From time to time they change by "internal instructions", but the general public never have been specifically informed about these changes. And most important - you have no possibility of appeal against the ban.

Even in the totalitarian Soviet Union was at least possibility to write a formal complaint to the prosecutor. In other times and in other nations, it has always been at least some opportunity to challenge the actions of the authorities. Courts were arranged over the heretics and enemies of the people, and ‘stumbled comrades', of which one could understand, for what a person is judged, and to agree with the verdict or not, at least mentally. And now in facebook you can neither appeal the verdict, or even nor

     2. Inability to notify about the ban

inform the public. Because they banned you "silently", without telling anyone, and nobody does not even know about this fact, because may be you just not entering. To notify your facebook’s friends at least, you need to register a new account, to look for each of them and to write to everybody. And now every more or less well-known our blogger have registered two or three accounts in the event of a ban, inviting to subscribe on them, because how should he look for his many readers at least to notify? But you can’t have two accounts in facebook. This is forbidden. The second account, if it is discovered by moderators, is subject to ban. So this loophole exists as long as moderators closing eyes on it. Apparently by command of "regional direction". As in the UK one woman has had to make a new passport, with facebook’s nickname, because moderators banned her promoted account, which was created not on her passport name. Here such a strict rules they have there. That is, a loophole exists as long as the central direction doesn’t see the problem and will not order it to fix. And then - no account and no man, and nobody even knows for what and for how long.

When forums began to appear in the internet, began to appear and bans. But moderators had to report about ban and indicate for what and for how long. And banned one could somehow appeal the ban. Now in facebook they are not report, and it is impossible to appeal. The progress, however.

      3. The anonymity of authorities

People always knew their local authority in person or at least on name. When someone was judged for dissent, people although would have seen exactly who do this, which exactly a policeman, an investigator, a judge. Which exactly deputy political commissar closes the newspaper, or which exactly censor prohibits this book. And now nobody knows who this moderators are, who bans, how they get there, where their leaders are and who they exactly are. Much progress.

Is it a big deal?

Самоцензурування в facebook

Most people may think all this are toys, rattles, think of it, in some kind of facebook have banned, big deal. But for many people it is already a big deal, and will become a matter of even greater in the future. Why? Because from an entertainment and chatter facebook gradually transforming into a necessary tool for business. That is for life, even for the very existence and survival of human.

Here is an example of how a very famous russian blogger and journalist Sasha Sotnik, who is producing a lot of new, interesting and socially significant content, can not make a living on them, and should ask for money from people.

Youtube steals from people
Sasha Sotnik's next message on this topic on his facebook page 09/03/2017


If you have a small business, which you promote through facebook, or you are a freelancer, or blogger,  whose income is directly depend on the presence in facebook. And even if you are a person who lives in another country or in a village, and has a lot of friends in facebook, with which he don’t want to lose everyday communication. Then you involuntarily start to plugging your mouth and to censor yourself, to God forbid someone to snitch and not get banned. Now we have - not to call the russians as moscovites or katsap, not express thoughts that could be perceived as «hate speech» - any statement that moderators may find it too radical. And do not write anything bad about Popova - a former assistant manager in ministry Stetsya. Many of our bloggers get banned for this many times. Even when the message didn’t contain anything that could "directly violate the principles of facebook’s pleasant communication." Only criticism, quite civilized and even soft, of this Popova. Obviously, she was somewhere near the head of the ukrainian facebook executives. And most likely the American direction nothing knew about this, and does not know up for now. Because it is impossible to complain and even where to appeal – unknown. But due to this Popova mouths of many of our well-known bloggers were shut for months, and this is in the midst of the "information war".

Self-censorship in the main information midst of the future information age

But we are about self-censorship in facebook. It already exists, and will continue to grow as well as more and more people will earn through facebook and communicate mostly in facebook. That is, in the main information midst of the future information age. Previously, we had a circle of friends in real life. In the past we could go to the village square and shout "good people! what is it going on!". And people would hear and come running to listen to you. Now you got banned in facebook - and you do not exist. No friends, no job, no opportunity to appeal.

Of course, there is the internet outside of facebook still. You can create your own website and shout through it. But someone can hear your cry only if he have already heard something   about the matter - that is, will enter a targeted query in google. And for "at least something somebody know", again, you need to inform them - through facebook, or investing heavily in advertising via google. A vicious circle. And even ‘just go to the square and shout’ not work anymore. People are not gathering on squares anymore, but are sitting at home in facebook.

      4. The secrecy of Laws

This has never happened before in the world. The Laws to be secret. The Laws have always been known, proclaimed in squares, published in codes, reported by officials. Now we do not know anything about "issuing algorithms" of facebook. "Algorithms of issue" - are inner secret algorithms, they determine how often your post to appear in the news feeds of your friends and whether it will appear at all. Other words, you can have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but none of them will see your post, because facebook’s algorithms put it in the best bottom of tape, where does even unemployed with a lot of free time not leaf through. And you can do nothing about it, because you do not know the laws of displaying.

      5. The Global Empire

Somehow you can complain on facebook in the USA only. At least one well-known citizen of the United States managed with it. At least they "promised him to investigate". Probably they will sort out his case. Even probably, and other USA citizens have such a possibility, we are very few know about this, so we will not deny such an opportunity. But the citizens of Ukraine do not have such a possibility in general. For this you must to spend a lot of money to go to America, to look there for a ways out, and that's only if you have got a visa. But to get a visa to America is very difficult now, and it appears soon will become even more difficult.

Turns out, that facebook now is - a real global totalitarian dictatorship.

You don’t know his Laws.
It can rob of your life.
And you are not able to challenge it, nor even to inform the general public.
And even you don’t know themselves who exactly did this.

No local lords or officials, against whom you can arrange a peasant revolt. Neither to burn the lord’s manor, nor to fill official’s head or to arrange a picket under the Ministry’s door. Because they are completely anonymous. It is very convenient. Complete anonymity of authorities, and here they are completely safe from any uprisings and demonstrations. And metropolis is very far away. Even further than Moscow. And there's one more good excuse, "do not like - do not use". Another thing is that outside a global social network you will not be able neither to work, nor to have a social circle. But nobody makes?

Information Authority

Інформаційна владаZuckerberg recently admitted that they are thinking about whether they have the right to enter the "algorithms" for political purposes - to hold the "bad" news and promote "good". That they have done this a bit earlier, in the campaign against Trump. But this didn’t help enough, and need they or not to do more, and in general. Of course, to prevent the spread of lies is necessary and useful, but. There are a huge but: who will define and how.

It is a question of all times, but it never gained such a weight as in the Information Age. In all other ages it was secondary, but now it starts to come out to the forefront and will be the most important.

In the era of practical physical production it was very difficult to lie about the reality, that people have seen and created, and lies about abstract things did not really have such a big deal. Soon, when people will create mostly information, will live at the expense of information, the Lie will become extremely weighty. Actually, it has already acquired great importance - in the financial sector, bubbles, shares, forex, everything like this. In the political sphere it is about to acquire before our eyes, thanks to just social networks. But large percentage of people are still earning in the fields and factories, in the physical sector as they say. That's when "earning" there will only robots .. And time "X" will come.

In epoch of practical physical production the most important question was who and how is distributing the tax burden and redistributes surpluses. Taxes and expenses - this is the main function of authorities during periods of practical physical production.

Now the main function of authorities will become to define the "Lie and Truth". But this "right to define" has already appeared not at their disposal, but at Zuckerberg and a few of his "major investors". The state authorities of countries have missed this point and didn’t notice how almost lost the Real Power of the future.

The Chinese understand it first, because they are smart. And banned facebook and google, created instead their own baidu and renren.

Moscovites have come round second. Due to its own habit of lying and a long history of manipulation, of course. So they didn’t interfere Durov to create and promote vkontakte, and then just took it away. And now moscovites has its own search engine and social network too - yandex and vkontakte. To ban facebook and google - is only a matter of time. Technically, it has already made China, so moscovites will cope.

The Germans have not their own promoted social network, so they began to make demands to facebook representative. A bit late - six months before the election. And without of rear - without their own alternatives.

To American elites on the one hand it easier - facebook in their jurisdiction and Zuckerberg is their citizen. But on the other hand they have less room for maneuver - because of the well-established democratic traditions, no matter how ridiculous.

Everyone else looks like they have not yet realized what is happening and how important is it. To create your own social network is a bit expensive, but it's still not to build DnieproGES or to dig up the BAM. Half of the expenses - promotion, available through the TV channels of the country. But nobody does that how knows why.

I'm not worried about the current country’s authorities nor about the current elites, god forbid, don’t get so. I think on the basis of the previous article about 3D-clustered communities. One control center, if he makes a mistake, will destroy the entire system. Many control centers - that's another thing, some make mistakes, some not, and all will look at mistakes and achievements of other. This is the main principle of evolution and survival - Diversity.

So, we are now in a very dangerous point - on the decision of the single control center (Zuckerberg), how to influence the release of information (and, moreover, by secret algorithms), depends too much. Such a concentration of power is simply dangerous to allow. Especially in transition periods, when no one is clear what will be the future and what threats it brings. In the so-called bifurcation point. Thank god at least that he is a democratic man from a democratic country. But everyone can make a mistake, especially in terms of so many unknowns and such shortage of knowledge about the people, societies and information influences, which today certainly have all the elites.

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