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This site was created in order to freely express our thoughts, dictated by only the Common Sense, not looking back at the generally accepted terminology heaps, facebook's "community rules" or established views of like-minded groups.

The world has divided in half, despite the fact that right now probably the most fashionable and modern are considered expressions like "truth does not exist", "everyone has his own truth", "everyone lies" and "the truth is always somewhere nearby". Nevertheless, now one fiercely hate liberals, being in full confidence that they finally all realized, by getting rid of all of the noodles that evil enemies for years threw them over his ears, referring only to fool and to deceive. Other so fiercely and confidently hate socialists-leftists, because all about them is clear long ago, and what may be a doubt here. Some hate the oligarchs, and other hate rednecks. Someone curses Trump, someone horrified by Hillary. And all are calling each other by fascists, payed trolls or just fools.

And you must choose a group to join it, because those, who are "neither ours, nor yours", in times like these are hated even more. And rightly so, because it is natural. The world found itself at a crossroad, fighters with the blood and sweat pull the rope, and some "smart-ass" pretend to be the "wise-men-over-battle". Not investing in victory, but hoping not to lose in any case, but also enjoy the fruits of victory, to which they didn't apply any effort. In such times quite logical acts the rule of "who is not with us, is against us".

But both now is the time of entire mishmash. The lefts are already not lefts and the rights are not right. The liberals are already not liberal and the socialists - not social. There is nothing surprising in the fact that moscovite priests pray at red stars, and russian communists does not remove crosses even in a bathhouse. But american democrats too are already seem almost like oligarchy, and american republicans are often more democratic than those, who called so. Only I see this mishmash? Across the Europe the name of party doesn't matter, because their "programs" contain a mosaic of items from all known ideologies. Other words, any ideologies in fact already doesn't exist, and  parties simply try to adapt to demands of the times and to wishes of the electorate. That was interesting and terribly to watch the recent elections in USA, where poor people were trying to figure out, who among them is actually a republican, and who is a democrat. From the mosaic of items, pulled out from everywhere, one offers very enjoyable, but near and almost unacceptable ones. And other very desirable items hit to proposals of another candidate, but there are not everything is in order, because some of them - the real evil. That is bursting the head of poor voter, and he tries to figure out, where would be better. And our thinking men sigh of relief, that it was not their turn to choose.

Does this mean that ideologies lost its sense? Was there any sense in them, and if he was as declared? Hardly anyone would argue today, that in whole the world parties's leadership sometimes "bended down" ideologies in favor of demands of the times and social realities. But probably in the initial ideological assumptions contained errors, which in turn contributed to the modern holiday of mishmash. Errors, which grew out of a misunderstanding of human nature, or the desire to embellish it, eventually with a multiplicative effect significantly distorted undoubtedly good intentions of its inventors. Now the world has to deal with errors, and, moreover, probably have to rewrite all the terminology, because this already firmly got stoned in a distorted way, and causes stable mistrust among his opponents.

The world will try to handle with all this mishmash for a long time yet, and will cope with it only in the best case. So I offer, since you miraculously got here, to begin with this fundamental article https://noocrat.com/en/article/lie-and-historical-crimes